Duration: 5 hours tour from 0800 - 1300 hrs
Code: BT04

Be treated to one of the most interesting "Tamu" in Sabah, set in Kota Belud, home to the "Cowboys of the East". A weekly event, the Kota Belud "Tamu" is a colourful melting pot of hawkers, vendors, farmers, fishermen and cattle breeders alike. The "Tamu" is as much a place to trade as it is a meeting place for friends and neighbours. You may even glimpse Bajau horsemen in their splendid finery and traditional sword making.


Duration: Full day from 0730 - 1800 hrs
Code: BT05

Uncover the different faces of Sabah by visiting one of the most interesting "Tamu" in Sabah, set in Kota Belud, home to the "Cowboys of the East". A weekly event, the Kota Belud "Tamu" is a colourful melting pot of hawkers, vendors, farmers, fishermen and cattle breeders alike. You may even glimpse Bajau horsemen in their splendid finery and traditional sword making. Then head north, past vast oil palm and coconut plantations, for a stopover at Gombizou and Sumangkap villages and observe going-making and honey bee farming. Next, visit the longhouse at Bavanggazo village where the Rungus people reside. One of Sabah's many indigenous tribes, the Rungus are mostly farmers and gifted artisans who excel in woven basketry and intricate beadwork. Don's miss the adventure of seeing the most northerly wild tip of Borneo.


Note: Tamu on Sunday only

Includes: Lunch and Entrance Fee

Duration: 2 Days 1 Night
Code: BT06

Depart hotel and drive north along a winding road to Kudat which is about 160 kilometers to the north of Kota Kinabalu. On the way, take a short stop at Kota Belud to see the traditional sword making. Upon reaching Matunggong, Kudat check in at Longhouse. A stay at the longhouse will enable you to experience and observe the Rungus people's lifestyle and surrounding - the Longhouse community, gong-making and honey bee farming. See the woven basketry and intricate beadwork. After dinner, you will be entertained with the cultural performance by the Rungus people. You may also join in the "tapai" (rice wine) drinking session with the host.

After breakfast, proceed to the Northern tip of Borneo and collect shells on the pristine white beaches. Return to Kota Kinabalu with lunch at local restaurant.

Includes: Transfer, Tour Guide, Meals as specified above, Cultural Dance and accommodation (Basic and Simple)

Duration: 8 hours from 0830 - 1630 hrs
Code: BT07

Make a rendezvous with nature and culture on a trip that takes you to the Tambunan Rafflesia Centre and Bamboo Village. Start the journey with a ride past idyllic countryside, onwards and up mountainous Crocker Range. Your visit to Rafflesia Centre includes a 2-3 hours nature trek amidst lush sub-Montane vegetation and lowland rainforest and the chance to sight Rafflesia buds or a Rafflesia in full bloom. Stop for lunch and enjoy the fresh mountain air before proceeding to the interior town of Tambunan.

Includes: Lunch and Entrance Fee

Code: BT09

The North Borneo Railway
Finally after a shutdown of more than 4 years, North Borneo Railways is on track to roll again. Some basic facts about the train and NBR operations:

  • Locomotive:
    Vulcan Steam locomotive built in 1896, it is powered by firewood , as a point of interest this is one of the rare few trains in the world that still uses firewood to power it.
  • Coaches:
    5 coaches, each named after a town along the journey, like Papar, Kinarut, Tanjung Aru, Putatan and Kawang Each coach can sit 16 persons and total passenger load we will sell during our run will be 80 passengers per trip. For charter services the passenger load can increase up to 160 passengers. The coaches are all NON aircon, and have fans in them and have a washroom in each coach.
  • Normal Scheduled Runs:
    The train will operate every Wednesday and Saturday, it will depart Tanjung Aru Railway station at 10.00 am to Papar and return to Tanjung aru Railway Station at about 1.45 pm. Along the way the train will do a 45 minute stop at Kinaurt to see the Chinese Temple and a 45 minute stop at Papar.
  • Meals:
    Tiffin Lunch will be served on board the return journey as soon as the Train departs Papar town. A tiffin Lunch is a Colonial style lunch served in a stackable metal container, very commonly used by the Indian community. The menu we have selected for the lunch will have items, such as Satays, Chicken Briyani, Prawns, Vegetables and fruits. Lunch is included in the price of the ticket. Additional beverages such as beers, soft drinks and wines will be sold on board the train during the journey.


0830 hrs : Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort
0845 hrs : Nexus Resort
0915 hrs : 1Borneo Hotel
0930 hrs : City Hotel in Kota Kinabalu
1000 hrs : Train Departure

Duration: Full day tours from 0630 - 1900 hrs (Tuesday - Saturday only)
Code: BT10

The day starts very early in the morning with a drive south to Beaufort town. After Beaufort, we will then ride a one coach railcar / train for an amazing journey, running parallel, along the Padas Gorge to the town of Tenom. Train chugs along the track we will be able to admire the view of the Crocker Range on both sides with the mighty Padas River roaring down the valleys. Upon arrival at Tenom, a sleepy hollow with rolling plains, plantations and just an easy way of living, you will be driven to Lagud Sebrang, an Agriculture Research Centre. The centre is famous for its Wild Orchid collections, an experience not to be missed. We will walk around the centre to see the numerous tropical plantations from fruits to vegetables to more commercial crops like tobacco, coffee, etc. Lunch will be provided at a local restaurant in Tenom or at the hotel.

Includes: Lunch, Entrance Fee and Train Fare

Note: The Tenom Agriculture Park is closed every Monday (except Public Holidays)

Duration: 4 hours from 0930 - 1330 hrs
Code: BT11

Start your tour with a drive passing through rice fields and houses on stilts which indicate the community are farmers and rice fields as their main crop. The Kadazandusun is one of Sabah largest ethnics' population and dominated the land of Sabah. Being fearless and masters of head hunting, one man stand amongst them, Monsopiad. The legends lives and his generation have restored the house that housed his trophies (skulls). Listen to the narrator which will bring you to the time why head hunting was necessary and the reason behind it. Cultural dance, handicraft making are few of the activities conducted during the tour. Guest will have the opportunity to try one of their dances and photo taking with the dance group.

Includes: Entrance Fee

Duration: 5 hours from 0800 - 1300 hrs
Code: BT11-A

Take a morning drive to Gayang Village, which is one of the sites where one can observe the life style of the Bajau (one of Sabah indigenous ethnic groups) also known as the sea gypsy. Upon reaching the village, light refreshment will be served before embarking the river to see the houses of the Bajau's. You will be able to participate in the crab catching which is one of the activities of the Bajau people and later the traps will be collected after the end of the cruise. Observe the vegetation of the mangrove which provides not only shelter but also protection against any strong winds and tides. Stilt houses can be seen along the river banks and also fish traps which provide the fishermen extra income.

Returning back to the jetty, Batik Painting activity is one of the pastime that the people have acquired when they embrace other customs. Try your skills on one of Malaysia's major Cottage industry and maybe you just might be able to bring back your priceless work of art. Transfer back to hotel.

Includes: Light refreshment

Code: BT11-B

A fun day to explore the different aspects of Borneo as you learn and show your ability of how to catch crabs, swimming, snorkeling or Batik painting.

Enjoy a short cruise on a unique Bamboo raft through mangroves, learning the importance of thus riverine forest and then enjoy a cup of "Teh Tarik" literally translates to "pulled tea" a popular drink of the locals.

Code: BT11-C

The village is located about 25 minutes away from the city. The journey will take you to long roads surrounded by a rich spectrum of greenery and overarched by wild blue skies. In the village, the colors of cultural diversity are not an issue but rather our pride, where you can savor the soul of Sabah. Upon arrival at the entrance of the village, you will be ushered to the warmth of different homes of the ethnicities of Sabah. Each home was built by descendants of the tribes they represent and offer you a truly genuine experience seeing everything in and around the village lends to its magical prowess of taking you back in time. Not only does this village portray these tribes through the architectural genius of their traditional houses, but also through a range of simulated lives of the olden epoch by the residents of the village. Acquaint yourself with each tribe as they let you come into their house and their simple yet intricate lives.

As you traverse the village, you will find demonstration huts along the main houses in which daily activities of old times come into life. For example, the making of blowpipe, starting a fire (from bamboo tree - you will learn the steps of making fire without the help of a lighter), tattoo-making (and its symbolisms) and etc.

By the end of your journey into the past, you have been given a setting for you to see, hear, taste and feel the uniqueness of what Sabah truly is. An unforgettable encounter of our Sabahan homeland.

Itinerary for 10.00am / 2.00pm / 6.00pm arrival:-

  • Upon arrival, you will be greeted and as preparation for your time-travelling into prehistoric Borneo, briefing on the Village Rules is a must before you enter the village. You will be greeted by the Chief and go through a custom Welcome Ceremony, then you walk through the suspension bridge to enter the village.
  • First, you will visit the Dusun house. Here, you will witness a demonstration on the traditional way of tobacco cutting. As you exit through the back door, you will enter a hut specialized for bamboo cooking and Montoku (rice wine) processing.
  • Second, we will bring you to the Rungus Longhouse. Here, you will learn how to start a fire without lighters or matches (and watch the villagers make ethnic bangles out of rattan).
  • Third, you will find the Lundayeh house. Inside, be awed by a demonstration on the olden ways of producing ropes, vests, floors, walls and etc. from tree barks.
  • Fourth, visit the Bajau House to watch the locals prepare Jala (local cake) and Pandan juice. Inside, you will see a myriad of colourful materials of antique ancestral objects. At one corner, there is a decorative bridal parlor for your photo-taking pleasure.
  • Fifth, belonging to the headhunters’ tribe, the Murut Longhouse, awaits you as your journey reaches the ending. (Just kidding! We hereby guarantee that your head will still be attached to your body after visiting this house). You will be greeted by the Chief and go through a custom Welcome Ceremony. Later, witness a demonstration on blowpipe making before going into their house. Inside, there is a built-in Lansaran (traditional trampoline-like floor) which you may dance on after they show you how to jump for your “prize”. At a corner, witness the locals as they tattoo their bodies the old method. You can also get a temporary body tattoo the ancient way if you wish.
  • Finally, you will be led to the stage where our very own staff will entertain you with cultural performances. After that, proceed to the main hall where you will be given fifteen minutes to linger around and shop at the Souvenir shop (all handmade products). You may also choose to take photos of your surroundings.
  • After your wonderful tour, sumptuous meal is prepared for you at the Buffet Counter.
  • Then, it is time to bid farewell to the villagers and depart into the 21st century, as we transfer you to your respective hotels/ drop-off points.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of Service ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Package includes :
Return transfer, English speaking guide, Lunch / High Tea, House Tour with demo. activities and cultural performance.


  • Cap / Hat
  • Extra pocket money
  • Comfortable walking shoes / sandals / slippers
  • Casual wear

** Optional

  • Camera